Identifying Future Talent

In order to keep the leadership pipeline fully stocked with future leaders, organisations adopt a variety of approaches to identify talent. These range from simple hunches through to complex assessment processes. The most common method used – identifying potential based on the subjective views of existing managers – is flawed, because the reviewers are subject to all kinds of prejudices, personal preferences and local politics. Assessment Centres are another potential solution, but they are expensive and time consuming.

What is evident is that appropriate behaviours are at the heart of great leadership. It’s not what your leaders know it’s what they do that creates or destroys value in your business. So how capable are your employees? How well do they exhibit the behaviours and competencies that your organisation demands of its leaders?

Morgan Clarke has developed a new approach to audit the responses of employees when tested in different business situations and identify who responds in a way which identifies them as a leader. With this knowledge a company can build a robust and sustainable leadership pipeline at all levels in the business.

We follow a three step model:

Step I – Identify the behaviours and underlying beliefs that leaders need to demonstrate to be successful in your organisation
Step 2 – Design a series of bespoke, business scenarios to test participants’ potential for leadership
Step 3 – Audit the entire employee population against these scenarios to identify existing and potential leaders.

During the simulation people are given useful development feedback and suggestions and at the end they receive an individual assessment based on their ability to demonstrate the right leadership beliefs and behaviours. The business gets valuable data on the depth and breadth of its talent pool in a cost-effective way. We can rapidly and economically audit any number of people and the audit can be re-run to assess changes over an extended period.

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