Executive Coaching – Setting Your People Up To Succeed In New Roles

The cost to your business of leaders and managers failing in new roles can be immense.  Typically, mission critical projects may not be delivered on time or within budget, or the business plan may not be realised, employees can become disengaged as a consequence and attrition rates can be high.

When you promote a manager or leader to a bigger or more complex role, they will invariably need to think, work and behave differently. To be successful, they must be able to drive their agenda and achieve results through others, lead change and allocate their time with a razor-like focus on both important and urgent business critical activities.

Coaching is an excellent way of supporting leaders and managers at points of transition to ensure they succeed in their new role.

At Morgan Clarke we have developed short, focused coaching programmes that support managers and leaders when they change roles.  Some of the demonstrable benefits of providing coaching support at points of transition are:

  • gaps in knowledge and experience are quickly addressed
  • the individual rapidly ‘gets’ where they need to focus their time
  • barriers to success and potential derailers are explored and resolved
  • the person is supported through the inevitable anxiety and uncertainty of the new role
  • development spend is targeted on the individuals who are critical to your business

To find out about these cost effective, focused coaching programmes, contact Philip Perry, Head of Coaching at Morgan Clarke. Telephone 01306 621600 or email [email protected].

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