What is Commercial Acumen?

With Brexit on the horizon, in today’s competitive business climate, commercial responsibility drills deeper within and spreads wider across organisations. This means managers need to know how to assess potential risks and exploit the commercial opportunities that will drive business success.  Echoing our recent blog on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), this means that greater awareness of the financial and non-financial impact of day-to-day business actions and operational decisions is needed.

 So, what do organisations require from their leaders and managers?

  • The ability to see the big picture and understand the cost and value drivers both of the broader business and individual managers’ functional business areas
  • Taking action to improve cash flow and profit performance
  • Managing the sales pipeline by monitoring sales activity, skills and targeting
  • Analysing performance using key ratios to help inform and make sound business decisions and communicate ideas to peers and other employees from a business perspective

These competencies enable you to manage your business in a way that should optimise shareholder value.

 We can help you

Morgan Clarke can design and deliver learning experiences (e.g. using business simulations, case studies, actor-role players etc.) for your managers so that they:

  • Understand the key ratios and business drivers for your business that enable your company to make money
  • Have a working knowledge not only of financial statements but also business strategies
  • Can align individual, team and functional decisions with business imperatives
  • Are able to get employees engaged, recognising the importance of their role in the grand scheme of things.

To discuss how we can help you and your organisation to improve commercial acumen call Clive Watkins on 01306 621600 or email [email protected].

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