Our client, a significant UK Banking Group with market-leading positions in a number of sectors required the leaders of one of their businesses to ‘step up’, demonstrate specific leadership behaviours and make a broader contribution to the business.

The Challenge

The challenge was for the business leaders to demonstrate the following key business leadership behaviours;

  • Being more strategic, having a broader perspective, grasping the consequences of their actions
  • Setting the right priorities
  • Communication with gravitas, especially more impact from presentations
  • Self awareness and self management
  • Being more assertive, demonstrating the right behaviours and knowing how to say ‘no’ when appropriate
  • Taking ownership and driving the business agenda

Morgan Clarke’s Approach

The Morgan Clarke approach encompassed three activities:

  • Development Centres A development centre with three skilled Morgan Clarke observers using a mix of bespoke case studies (e.g. on one, participants were required to be insightful and demonstrate commercial acumen) and simulations of real day-to-day situations using actor role-players (to work on self awareness, self management, goal setting, giving and receiving performance feedback, handling difficult conversations, etc), plus a senior level group discussion and presentation
  • Team Agenda The team agenda required facilitated sessions to accelerate team bonding and team development (e.g. the team agenda a ‘Team Charter’ describing norms and ‘how we will work together’) through to storming/norming phase
  • Individual Coaching To work on, assimilate and embed leadership behaviours and to enable each of the six members of the senior team to ‘step up’ to the plate as a business leader and make the broader contribution demanded by the head of the business, each individual was matched with a appropriate executive coach

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What is Achieved

The business met their ambitious three year business goals for:

  • Revenue growth
  • Improved product mix
  • Better retention and motivation of 'second tier' leaders and high potential employees


“We were able to consider the part that personality and behaviours, as distinct from technical capability, play in leader effectiveness.” Senior Leader, Banking Group

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