Most companies give good access to sales and product training for their sales people and account managers. There is often a wide gap between the sales performance of the very best and mid-range performers.

The top sales performers at many organisations are often the same people from year-to-year. Organisations tend to be good at ‘putting their arms around’ top performers, rewarding and recognising their performance. In comparison the middle majority can be somewhat neglected. Organisations may also pay a lot of attention, usually too much, to under-performers.

The Challenge

  • Many mid-range sales performers are comfortable. They are happy with their personal circumstances and performance levels. They’re not under-performing; they’re doing better than most. From their perspective why would they want to raise their game?
  • Rather than throwing valuable development budgets at everyone, if clients make a targeted investment, often the best return will come from an approach that develops the “top end” of these mid-range performers who do want to improve
  • Sales Mentoring is a targeted Morgan Clarke approach for realising the potential of that group
  • Results are often extraordinary with participants on Sales Mentoring initiatives often raising their sales performance by an average of over 20% in the first year

Morgan Clarke’s Approach

What we do:

  • Morgan Clarke designs the overall approach, project manages implementation of the assignment step-by-step, and based on our experience, we provide advice on how to proceed at each stage
  • We run ‘analysis meetings’ to provide the psychological assessment of mid-performers, usually nominated in the first instance by the client. We explore who is ‘up for’ development. We highlight the type of motivation people have. We’re looking for a genuine motivation to achieve, and can provide accurate assessments of who is ready for this development
  • We provide simple, cost effective education, training and support for senior managers showing them how to mentor the mid-range performers who are selected for the programme
  • ‘Peer referencing’ events for all the mentees supplement the mentoring sessions bringing ideas, tips and additional motivation

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What is Achieved

Clients report:

  • A positive shift in the dynamics of sales achievement within their sales teams
  • Building strength and depth in the high performer population
  • Instilling the principles of a ‘learning organisation’
  • Healthier competition amongst High Performers
  • Up-skilling the senior manager population
  • Clarity for the client about what activities and behaviours drive superior sales performance in their business
  • Gaining much deeper insights into Achievement Motivation


And finally, often extraordinary improvements in field sales effectiveness. A typical payback for the client’s investment in a Sales Mentoring program can be in the order of 6:1 in Year 1 alone!

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