How do you make a matrix environment work?

Market changes, globalisation and advances in technology all contribute to the need to redesign organisations. Business leaders must be able to anticipate or respond to changing customer requirements and market opportunities (e.g. online shopping or new lines of business), as well as create agility and/or deliver operational efficiencies implicit in new operating models.

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How Effective are Psychometric Profiling Tools?

Psychometric profiling tools have long been popular in the workplace.  But for leaders, how effective are they for improving leaders’ performance, especially communication?  Are they just self-awareness tools with little productive impact?

Learning how to influence others in an authentic way is a journey not everyone is prepared to make in our experience.

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The Limits of Empathy

Emotional Intelligence is such a universal and popular concept that it is difficult to believe that it only came to prominence twenty years ago in the then ground breaking book by Daniel Goleman. Put simply, emotional intelligence is the capacity of individuals to recognise their own and others’ emotions.  In the workplace, people are educated and encouraged to discriminate between different feelings, label them appropriately and then use this information to guide their own thinking, behaviour and actions.

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The Glass Cliff or Why being good in a crisis can disadvantage women

Neela Bettridge is one of our most senior Executive Coaches and resident guru on Women in Business.  She has provided this month’s blog to coincide with International Women’s Day on 8th March.

When psychology professors Michelle Ryan and Alex Haslam of the University of Exeter observed that women were more likely to be promoted to leadership roles that carried a higher risk of failure, they dubbed the phenomenon ‘the glass cliff’ – an obvious extension of the ‘glass ceiling’ and ‘glass elevator’ metaphors. Continue reading