Covid-19 Update

COVID-19 UPDATE: This has been a difficult time for organisations. Most people have had to alter the way they work, with far less face-to-face contact and many operating remotely from home.
From the start of lockdown, clients have had to reduce costs as they worked hard to sustain viable revenue streams – whilst ramping up a parallel focus on the wellbeing of employees and customer retention.
We are providing a range of online and virtual support to leadership teams to help them ‘Manage The Restart’. In times of crisis, people look to their leaders for clarity and direction, and you may have done a good job at providing this. Now, as you seek to stabilise the business and help people to ‘stand back up’ you probably need to re-calibrate your leadership style to encourage input and innovation as well as the adoption of new ways of working. We take the view that this needs to be a deliberate and properly resourced process.
We are still here and providing executive coaching, team facilitation and interactive workshops on a range of platforms, so please get in touch.