Heidi Gianella, Global Engineering Manager, Elekta

Allowed me to gain confidence in my existing knowledge and build strengths from new knowledge. I feel I am walking away with re-enforced knowledge, increased knowledge and brand new knowledge. The session was well thought out and presented at the right pace. Exceeded expectations.

Naomi Petch, BG Analyst, Centrica Plc

It’s good to gain background and understand why I’m doing things and how it effects the business. I feel like I know where my area of the business sits within the company. Very engaging, I have found it very useful and highly enjoyable. I liked the amount of interaction. I’ve definitely found it useful in understanding the finances of the business and how it can be easily effected by changes in the market.

James Dow, Commercial Analyst, Centrica Plc

Content was delivered clearly and succinctly, with numerous real-life examples that really brought the content alive. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and covered all of my learning objectives for the day.

Gabriella Stannah, Graduate Development Manager, Centrica Plc

Simon Kelly is a great facilitator – well prepared, very knowledgeable and engaging. Business Discovery is very interesting. It has relevant, commercially-driven content, with a great depth of business understanding, very tailored to Centrica. It exceeded expectations, and I have taken a high volume of learning away.

John Macfarlane, CD Operations and PMO Director, Unilever UK Limited

I have benefitted hugely from coaching on both change leadership and personal effectiveness – the coach invested time understanding what you really need, provides excellent insights, challenges you to think differently and has a great blend of theory and practical examples he uses to inspire and coach you. He is very personable and I have enjoyed our sessions which have been productive and useful for my career and personal understanding of who I am and what I do.

Brian Wiggins, Global Programme Director, Elekta Limited

I was pleased with the coaching at both an intellectual and emotional level.
The coaching engaged and challenged me to think about what I wanted to get out of interactions with colleagues.
The coaching has worked well, and the benefits have sustained.
Before I worked with Morgan Clarke I thought that coaching was more about psychology. My coach was very focused on the business aspect which made the coaching experience powerful for me.

Daniel Max Managing Director, Marsh Ltd

I found that the coach provided some interesting perspective on the challenges faced by senior executives in large, complex organisations and many of the sessions that we had left me with helpful ideas based on collective reflection of different situational leadership examples. I found the experience to be rewarding and valuable

Alistair Brighton, SVP and National Sales Leader Corporate UK & Ireland, Marsh McLennan

It is fair to say I entered the coaching experience with a degree of scepticism; time is a precious commodity and I was doubtful the sessions would prove highly beneficial. From my first interactions, my initial reservations were reset.

The coach’s genuine approach has focused entirely on assisting me, with no agenda, and therefore he built trust very effectively to allow an open and honest exchange.

Our conversations have always resulted in practical advice and techniques to guide me through the upcoming challenges and these minor changes have produced significant results in my working practice.