Andrew Wilton, MD Corporate UK & Ireland, Marsh McLennan

You probably wouldn’t be human if you entered leadership coaching sessions without some degree of scepticism as to the expected level of benefits. What was refreshingly different about my sessions right from the start was the amount of time that he had clearly invested in building a good understanding of the landscape in which I operate.

In summary though, the coaching has been a valuable investment in ‘me’ and my career.

Paul Doyle, Managing Director, Marsh Ireland

I worked with Morgan Clarke Consulting from September 2016 for 18 months. During that period of coaching, they helped me to prepare and present a coaching plan to Marsh Senior Management.

During my coaching sessions with Morgan Clarke, I found my engagements and interactions to be very supportive and challenging. My coach used methods that helped me ensure that I was serious about the outcomes being targeted within my coaching plan.

We discussed and identified key areas for my development, including influencing Stakeholders, my personal leadership style – becoming a more of a strategic leader and ultimately preparing me for succession within our Organisation.

Having completed the coaching I feel that I have developed a strong awareness of what I have achieved and also what needs to be continually worked upon.

On a personal level I found our interactions very enjoyable, a lot of hard work was done whilst I developed a personal connection with my coach and his way of approaching the project.